Sunday, May 19, 2013

Old Quebec City

Quebec City is The capital of the Canadian French speaking province of Quebec and sits perched high above the St Lawrence River where its surrounded by the majestic Laurentian Mountains.

Quebec City traces its founding to 1604 and has a real European flair, flavor and vibe. Apart from Mexico City, its the only walled city in North America and to this day maintains its French colonial architecture, language and overall French c'est la vie mindset and lifestyle. A fact that makes it a UNESCO world heritage site. This is not your typical North American Coca Cola / Walmart town. Its like old France captured in time.

Quebec City is rich in history and it should be noted that battle of North America was ultimately decided here on The Plains of Abraham with a victory by the British. Quebecer's are a culturally vibrant and artistically passionate people. They love their wine bars, fine restaurants, year round festivals and artisan handicrafts.

One can see the passion when people watching while sipping a latte at an outdoor cafe below the old city walls or while strolling along the boardwalk among the numerous joggers all under the watchful eye of the medieval like castle Chateau Frontenac hotel.

There are many year round festivals as the summer music festival and the winter carnival any time. Alas, Quebec City is a perfect European getaway without having to go to Europe.

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Getting There: Quebec City is easily accessible by both rail and direct flights from most US and Canadian international airports.